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Padel racket SDAW

Padel racket SDAW

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An easy-to-play padel racket that suits both beginners and those looking for a lot of control in the game.

3K carbon fiber together with the slightly softer EVA20 core allows you to easily steer and control your game. The center of gravity is placed a little lower down for the feeling of a lighter rack.

The sweet spot is made larger for a more forgiving and easy-to-manage game. The ball strike doesn't have to be exactly right all the time for your shots to go where you want them to. The surface is roughened to give you help when you want more spin to your shots. The pattern of the hole drilling is not by chance or just to look good.

The holes are placed in a rounded shape with slightly fewer holes towards the middle, which increases the sweet spot and at the same time gives a trampoline effect that helps you with speed. This also creates an area that reduces vibrations when hitting the ball for gentler play and help against, for example, tennis elbow.

With SDAW you save time in development while it is a shovel that can accompany you for a long time.

Reviews (3)

I recently purchased the SDAW and it's been a game-changer. The racket's weight balance is perfect for power shots, yet it doesn't compromise on control. The design is sleek and the grip is comfortable for long matches. Highly recommended for players looking to up their game!

Simon Smith, UK (verified customer)

Great racket for girls
Been using the SDAW racket as an intermediate player, and it's really good. Great for control and doesn't hurt my wrist much. Plus, it's pretty tough - dropped it a few times and it's still fine. Good for anyone who plays, I'd say.

Emily Johnson, UK (verified customer)

A bit pricy but worth it!

It has helped me improve my game significantly.

Claude Robert, FR (verified customer)


SDAW has a stripped down and simple design in black, gray and blue-grey. The hitting surface has an openwork visible pattern of 3K carbon fiber material. "seven line" along the edge of the rack to match clothes from seven of Sweden.


Shape: drop/round (hybrid)

Balance: medium/low

Main feature: control

Playing style: all-round

Player level: medium

Frame profile: 38 mm Weight: 355-370 g

Color: blue/black/grey

Model: unisex


Frame: carbon fiber

Core: EVA20 black/soft

Hitting surface: carbon fiber 3K

Surface profile: sandpaper

Hole pattern: REH (Rounded effect holes)

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