About seven of sweden

Seven of Sweden is a lifestyle concept where sport and fashion are united through innovation, design and quality. Henrik Larsson and Andreas Granqvist, former soccer players and now padel enthusiasts are proud co-founders of this brand.

After our time on the soccer field, we found a common passion in padel, a sport where the dynamism of soccer is combined with the elegance and style of tennis. This passion, combined with our interest in fashion and design, inspired us to join the "seven of sweden" trip.

The details make the whole

Our philosophy is simple but powerful: "the details make the whole". That's why we attach great importance to the small but innovative details that permeate all of our products. Every piece, from equipment and accessories to clothing, is designed with a vision to offer practical solutions without compromising on style or quality.

A passion for fashion and sport

Through seven of Sweden, products can be offered that not only reflect our passion for sport and fashion, but also our pursuit of perfection and quality. That is why we make sure that everything that seven of Sweden offers is of top class standard.

For us, seven of Sweden is more than just a brand. It is a representation of what we love most: to unite sport and fashion through innovation, design and quality. We hope that you who play padel will appreciate seven of Sweden as much as we do.


Our goal and vision is to offer the discerning and fashion-conscious individual, nationally and internationally, a brand with high credibility and attractiveness. A fusion between sport and fashion.

Our love for sports and fashion

The love of sports and fashion and the realization that the market lacks really stylish, practical and functional clothing for padel and similar activities piqued our interest.

Our large contact network, experience from professional sports and solid knowledge in the clothing industry made it an easy choice to start Seven of Sweden. It guarantees strength and success.

A true lifestyle concept

  • Seven of Sweden is a "lifestyle concept" in sports and fashion with a strong focus on innovation, design and quality.
  • The collections include clothes "on/off track" for him and her as well as equipment with a focus on padel and similar sports.
  • Practical solutions, smart, stylish and innovative details permeate all products.
  • Padel equipment, accessories and clothing are top class. Development and design takes place in Sweden. The manufacturing takes place for the most part in Europe.
  • Athlesure wear in affordable luxury material and style.

Get to know us more

If you want to know more about us - send an email to info@sevenofsweden.com.