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Padel ball GSM

Padel ball GSM

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GSM (Game Set Match) is a WPT padel ball developed to "sharpen your game", with a strong focus on durability. GSM has one of the market's highest wool percentages, 58 grams. This makes the ball up to 50% more durable. When you need maximum control, speed and the best performance to make the game fun. Then the GSM PADEL PRO from seven of Sweden is the ball for you.

  • 1 tube contains 3 balls.
  • 1 box contains 24 tubes.

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WPT ball with a higher level of wool for longer durability.


  • Deformation: 0.230-0.260 inch
  • Bounce: 140-147 cm
  • Weight: 56.5-58.5 gram


Extra wool content for durability. Needle felt from England and natural rubber.

  • Wool content: 57-59%
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