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Padelrack SDAW

Padelrack SDAW

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SDAW is an easy-to-play padel racket that suits the beginner, or those who are at the beginning in the padel career, and looking for a padel racket to improve with and accompany along for a long time.

Control characterizes SDAW. Therefore, the shape is a hybrid between round and teardrop.

The material in SDAW is adapted to be able to more easily control the game with maximum control. The center of gravity is placed slightly lower for the feeling of a lightweight rack with a large and forgiving sweetspot for a more forgiving and easy-to-manage game. So, the ball hit doesn’t have to be exactly right to make a good shot.

The surface is roughened to give you help when you want more spin to your shots. The pattern of the hole drilling is neither random nor to look good. The holes are placed in a rounded shape with slightly fewer holes towards the middle, which increases the sweet spot and at the same time gives a trampoline effect that helps you improve the speed of the shots. This also provides an area that reduces vibrations when hitting the ball for gentler play and help against, for example, tennis elbow.

This is definitely a padel racket for those who discovered the allure of padel and want to keep improving!

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SDAW has a stripped down simple design in black, gray and blue-grey. The hitting surface has a visible pattern of 3K carbon material. SDAW is designed in Sweden and handmade in the most reputable padel rack factory in Spain – an unbeatable combination!


  • Shape: teardrop/round (hybrid)
  • Balance: medium/low
  • Main Characteristic: control
  • Playing style: all-round
  • Player level: beginner/amateur
  • Profile: 38 mm
  • Weight: 366-370 g
  • Color: black/blue/grey
  • Model: unisex


  • Frame: carbon
  • Core: EVA20 black/soft
  • Hitting surface: carbon 3K
  • Surface: rough+
  • Hole pattern: REH (Rounded Effect Holes)
  • Heading
  • Heading
  • Heading
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