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Padelrack No7

Padelrack No7

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A padel racket with a "setup like a king". One of the world's greatest soccer players of all time, Henrik Larsson, has left his mark on this rack, which is also a co-founder of seven of Sweden.

It is a very limited edition rack with only 200 copies produced. Take the opportunity to get hold of a unique rack that pays tribute to this great footballer. A walk through the cities where he has left his mark, Helsingborg, Rotterdam, Celtic, Barcelona and Manchester.

No 7 has left nothing to chance. The surface consists of the super hard exclusive material aluminized Textreme laid at a 45 degree angle. This gives you a hard surface with a great sense of control. The medium-hard core of black EVA 25 together with a slightly raised sweetspot gives you the opportunity to speed up the ball when you want.

The shape is a slightly oversized drop shape. The racket's construction tapers slightly towards the edges for a feeling of a larger hitting surface and fewer mishits. Smooth surface with good grip in the holes. The pattern of the hole drilling is not by chance or just to look good. The holes are placed in a rounded shape with slightly fewer holes towards the middle, which increases the sweet spot and at the same time gives a trampoline effect that helps you with the speed. This also provides an area that reduces vibrations when hitting the ball for gentler play and help against, for example, tennis elbow.

All of our padel rackets are designed in Sweden and handmade in one of the world's oldest and best padel rack factories in Spain. A combination that is unbeatable. Seven of Sweden works with attraction and quality as watchwords.

Tip. Complete with M-Sample undergrip for optimal grip and feel!

Recensioner (3)

Stabilt och välbalanserat
Köpte ett racket No7. Kände direkt att det var väldigt stabilt och välbalanserat. Lätt racket med mycket "tyngd" i kan jag säga. Förlåtligt även när man inte träffar helt rent varje gång. Jag kände mig väldigt säker med mitt spel från första gången med No7. Trodde det var en tillfällighet, men det är ett väldigt tillförlitligt racket. Jag kände mig säker med mitt förra racket, men det är en stor skillnad. Jag trodde aldrig att det skulle vara så mellan de.

Georg Szöke (verifierad kund)

Snabb leverans och kvalitetsrack verkligen
Beställde detta racket och fick det på 2 dagar. Man känner kvaliteten.

Adam Carlsson (verifierad kund)

Wow, vilken känsla med No7! Kontroll och precision i många olika slag, och designen är bara pricken över i:et. Älskar det!.

Emilia Bergström (verifierad kund)


The design is stripped down and does not unexpectedly flirt with the world of football.

The color fades from black to aluminum look.

Text in gold and white. "seven line" along the edge of the rack to match clothes from seven of Sweden.


  • Shape: teardrop
  • Balance: middle/high
  • Main characteristic: control/speed
  • Player style: balanced
  • Player level: medium/pro
  • Profile: 38 mm
  • Weight: 366-370 g
  • Color: black/grey
  • Model: unisex


  • Frame: carbon fiber
  • Core: EVA25 black/hard
  • Hitting surface: carbon Textreme aluminized 20K
  • Surface: smooth
  • Hole pattern: REH (Rounded Effect Holes)
  • Heading
  • Heading
  • Heading
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