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GSM padel racket

GSM padel racket

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A padel racket that has it all. Oversize teardrop shape for a large and lovely hitting surface. The fantastic surface material 20k Textreme from Sweden here in an aluminized version. This extreme material provides a hard and durable surface which, together with a medium to high center of gravity, gives you strokes with extra power. Smooth surface with good grip in the holes.

The core is  the hard EVA30 compact to also create good control in front of the net. The pattern of the hole drilling is not by chance or just to look good. The holes are placed in a rounded shape with slightly fewer holes towards the middle, which gives a larger sweet spot and at the same time gives a trampoline effect that helps you with the speed. This also creates an area that reduces vibrations when hitting the ball for gentler play and help against, for example, tennis elbow.

GSM (Game Set Match) is our best padel racket and developed for you who have passed average and aim for the top.

A padel racket that fits on all padel courts. For those who want to win every Gem, every Set and every Match.

All our racks also have a specially designed soft and wider wrist strap to further highlight the nice feel of our racks.

Designed and produced in Sweden. Handmade in one of the world's oldest and best padel rack factories in Spain. A combination that is unbeatable.

Seven of Sweden works with attraction and quality as watchwords. The great interest in padel, experience in sports at the highest international level and solid experience from the fashion industry not only make our racks look good, but in the highest world class in terms of playing characteristics and quality.

Tip. Complete with M-Sample undergrip for optimal grip and better control.

Recensioner (3)

Total kontroll och bra tryck
Från första slaget med kände jag direkt både kraften och kontrollen. Ett racket som verkligen levererar, och designen är snygg på köpet!.

Adam Carlsson (verifierad kund)

Dominerar på banan nu!
Beställde GSM och blev överraskad av hur snabbt det kom fram. När jag greppade spaden första gången kändes det verkligen kvalitet. Känns balanserat också.

Isabelle Lindberg (verifierad kund)

Min nya favorit!
Hade höga förväntningar på GSM, och det skuffade inte. Känslan att hålla i racketen var magisk och passar mig som är lite mer medel ++ och spelar tävlingar. Jag rekommenderar detta rack till andra.

Wilhelm Wille Bengtsson (verifierad kund)


The design is stripped down in a nice shade of gray that transitions to white. Visible surface material from the stylish aluminized 20k that matches the colors with an exclusive, elegant humble feel.

Your opponents will see all this and your partner will feel safe.

"seven line" along the edge of the rack to match clothes from seven of Sweden.


  • Shape: teardrop
  • Balance: middle/high
  • Main Characteristic: power/control
  • Player style: offensive
  • Player level: average/pro
  • Profile: 38 mm
  • Weight: 356-360 g
  • Color: grey/silver
  • Model: unisex


  • Frame: carbon fiber
  • Core: EVA30 black/hard
  • Hitting surface: Textreme aluminized 20K
  • Surface: smooth
  • Hole pattern: REH (Rounded Effect Holes)
  • Heading
  • Heading
  • Heading
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